If you have never arranged a Funeral before, things you need to know:

If you are looking for information on planning a funeral, whether it is at a time of immediate need or you are looking to plan ahead, we have a number of resources below for you. Here, you will find information on what is involved in planning a funeral, what to do when a death has occurred, and the benefits of planning ahead. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact us.

  • Choose an independent funeral like Ann's Funeral Service Ltd
  • Discuss all pricing and ceremonial matters before moving forward
  • Be prepared and ready for any details that may need changing
  • Stay in contact with family and friends for moral and financial support
  • Plan a personal and meaningful service for your loved one to say goodbye in the best way possible
  • If the deceased need Embalming (positive and memorial viewing experience)

Call a Funeral Director

Whatever the circumstances depend on the type of death, usually in hospitals nurse in charge take care of some of the arrangements, calling the Funeral Director that you desire. We are here to help you. We make arrangements for transporting the body, handle all necessary paper work and guide the family through funeral choices and any other matters that need rectifying.


How much a Funeral Cost

Estimated cost can be requested any time during the funeral arrangements and it is recommended that you always have an estimate when making decisions at this emotional time. We can always discus on the method of payments through ACC, Winz and Work & Income or people on benefits.


Choosing the Services & Products

You can choose to hold your ceremony in our beautiful chapel or you can choose to hold it elsewhere. Just let us know what you prefer. If you would like to share this moment with your broad network of family and friends, we will help you spread the word. We'll use our print and online channels to bring the community together to celebrate your loved one's life. We have number of Caskets that you can choose from.


Cremation or Burial

More than 70-80% of funerals involve a Cremation today, because it is generally more affordable and simple. Commonly, cremated remains are placed in Urns, which families can take home as a memorial, or ashes can be scattered in a place deemed suitable for the deceased.


Funeral Service Details

You can choose to have a minister officiate the service or a celebrant (which we can arrange). The differences between the two are religious and non-religious. Some find it offensive to speak of religion if the deceased did not have religious beliefs. The choice is yours for who you would like to officiate the service, if there will be people speaking of stories or memories of the deceased, if there will be a tribute, and any other special services that may reflect the life of your loved one. Arrangement of Service Sheet, Condolence Book, Flowers, Catering, Celebrant (can be arranged by the Funeral Homes), Music, Slides and ceremonial speeches.